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So today I was walking down the street, on my way to school and minding my own business, when this guy walking towards me does that obscene gesture with the v-sign and the tongue waggling. 

Naturally I wasn’t too impressed, and when I was past him I muttered ‘twat’ under my breath. Now this guy, he must have some crazy hearing powers because next thing I hear him saying ‘What did you call me?

So I turn and find out that I obviously have no survival instinct because I say ’I called you a twat.’ - said with more emphasis than I’d intended.The guy’s eyes widened and his face contorted with something between surprise and anger, but apparently I hadn’t dug my grave deep enough yet so I continued, “To be honest, what you just did was completely disrespectful mate, and no girl’s going to appreciate it.’

I have to stress that this guy is at least a foot taller than me with mildly crazy eyes, and I’m there thinking “Oh my god this guy’s going to punch me in the face he’s actually going to punch me in the fuckign-” and so on. But then this guy smiles, says ‘I like your fire, girl,’ and walks away whistling.

Seriously Moffat




My female villains are all so different!! But they all wear black clothes, dark lipstick and up-dos. Why waste time in characterization when their looks can tell all you need to know? I mean you don’t want them being more than stereotypes, that would be so confusing to the audience! 

At first I thought those were all the same person